Do You Procrastinate on Filing Taxes? Do You Owe the IRS Back Taxes? You Are Not Alone!

IRS tax problems such as back taxes and IRS penalties may be scary–so scary that many people tend to procrastinate resolving the problem until it becomes too big to ignore. With the October 15th tax extension deadline just a little over two weeks away, it’s time for you to overcome your tax anxieties and take control of your tax problems before they become any bigger.

Unlike other forms of procrastination, the tendency to push back filing taxes are often due to tax fear and anxiety instead of pure laziness.  Although it’s a common impulse to “push off” overwhelming tax problems, you need to know that you do not need to fear the amount of back taxes you owe as much as you need to fear fear itself.

Many taxpayers just like you tend to fear back taxes for a number of reasons: some don’t feel that they know enough about the tax code to deal with the problem–this can be easily resolved by getting tax help from a tax attorney, CPA or tax resolution specialist. Others fear the damage of their reputation by back taxes–it’s important for you to put things in perspective and realize that a slightly-altered reputation is far less damaging than severe IRS penalties or jail time for tax evasion.

You need to realize that by not resolving your delinquent back taxes immediately, the problem is not going to go away—it will only get worse.

You may recognize some of the following varieties of tax procrastination as similar to your own:

  • You’re hoping the IRS has forgotten about your back taxes because you have not received a letter from them yet. Bet your bottom dollar that the IRS will find every un-filed tax return and go after the money owed. Statistically, taxpayers who procrastinate on resolving their back taxes actually end up losing more money that they are entitled to than they are saving by not paying them.
  • Bankrate states that  “According to the IRS, 1.3 million individuals who failed to file a tax return in 2004 left a total of $1.2 billion in unclaimed refunds in the coffers. Half of those nonfilers would have received a refund of more than $552. Some also may have been eligible for the refundable earned income tax credit.“Don’t “wait” for your back taxes to disappear, contact a tax attorney today and get started on resolving your tax problems. By being proactive about your back taxes, you will be more in control of your situation and ultimately feel less pressure than if you were to ignore the problem.
  • You receive a letter from the IRS and are too afraid to open it—so you hide it under your stack of mail and pretend that both the letter and your tax problem do not exist. This will not solve your problem—many times, the IRS will contact you for simple mistakes on your tax return that will actually benefit you once you correct them. If however, you are in IRS trouble for owing back taxes, do not panic. Get help from a tax attorney sooner than later will help you avoid harsh tax levies and tax liens. Do not try to talk to the IRS on your own without legal guidance. Many people get themselves in deeper trouble by unknowingly incriminating themselves while talking to the IRS. Get a professional tax expert to handle your communications with the IRS and feel at peace that you are doing the best thing for your situation.
  • You receive a big scary letter from the IRS and you are overwhelmed by what you owe. Contact a professional tax attorney or tax specialist immediately—cases like these are delicate and can easily be worsened by speaking to the IRS without legal guidance. Over half of the referrals to the IRS’s criminal investigation division come from that very nice IRS lady or gentlemen you’re sitting across the table from. It’s similar to going to court without a lawyer.

It will only get worse. Failure to file penalties are severe and can add up! But if you get your act together and put an end to your procrastination, there are ways to get tax help to abate IRS penalties.

So take control of your tax problems today. Get professional tax help to fight against the IRS. Tax procrastinators, you need to act now! Don’t let your fear and anxiety over your back taxes affect your life (self-confidence, happiness, personal/family relationships). Contact a tax attorney or tax specialist to help you get on the right track to tax resolution.

Don’t hold off on your tax problems for another day–you can contact our team of experts for a free consultation. Call us at 866-IRS-PROBLEMS (1-866-477-7762) or visit our website at

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