Do You Owe the IRS Payroll Taxes or Over $15,000 in Back Taxes? Legal Advice from KFI’s Bill Handel

In this weak economy, many individuals and businesses – both big and small – are struggling to make their payroll tax deposits and many are falling behind.

Payroll tax problems can be the “kiss of death” for many business owners as IRS penalties can add up quickly! Payroll tax debt should not be taken lightly -  IRS levies on wages and bank accounts can cause you to lose your business!

Popular radio personality Bill Handel hosts a morning program on KFI 1070 in Los Angeles. He also hosts a nationally syndicated legal advice show called Handel on the Law.

Here’s some great advice if you owe payroll taxes from Bil:

Do you or your company owe the IRS payroll taxes? Did you know that could be considered a federal crime? Are you going to call the IRS and talk about a federal crime you may have committed? I don’t think so.

Likewise, if you owe over $15,000 in back taxes, call Tax Defense Partners. They can handle it. They know what they’re doing. Check them out on You can also  866-IRS-PROBLEMS or visit their web site for a free Tax Help Consultation.

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3 Responses to “Do You Owe the IRS Payroll Taxes or Over $15,000 in Back Taxes? Legal Advice from KFI’s Bill Handel”

  1. IRS Penalty Abatement Helps Tax Relief Client Receive Over $13,000 in Tax Relief | Tax Relief Tips from the Experts at Tax Resolution University Says:

    [...] first heard about TRS on the Bill Handel show a couple of years ago, and then he drove down to Orange County from his home in Palmdale, CA [...]

  2. birju patel Says:

    i have a business and i owe irs i think $13000 on payroll taxes that i was paying every quarter but didint realize it wasnt getting paid till a year later my accountant arranged a payment plan but im afraid of levy’s what should i do

  3. birju patel Says:

    i wanna try offer in compromise

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