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Tax Resolution Services Success Story – Client Saves $30k

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Sharing client success stories is important because it shows that IRS tax problems can happen to anyone including hard-working honest people, often through no fault of their own.
A new video clip on The Blaze TV highlights a viewer who called Tax Resolution Services, Co. (TRS) after hearing Host Glenn Beck talk about client success stories on his program. This viewer owed more than $33,000 in back taxes but TRS was able
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Tax Expert Suggests Avoiding These Common Tax Mistakes

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Happy Friday! Countdown to tax day: 4 days
Last minute tax filers take note: the most common reasons for refund delays are because of preventable mistakes on the tax return. I thought information from this previous post and interview archive from the Midday Sunday Fox 11 with host Tony Valdez program could provide some help for those still scrambling to finish their tax returns. The trick to avoiding errors on your
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Tax Resolution Services – Weekly Tax News Round-Up

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Just ten days until April 15! On the run up to tax day, we do our best to provide tax relief tips for last minute taxpayers. The tax news topics covered this week include: the annual IRS Data Book release, the official release of the 2013 IRS Dirty Dozen List, a little tax relief humor at Uncle Sam’s expense, tips on filing and tax payments.
Tax Help Tips on Filing and
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Tax Expert Gives Tips on Filing and Tax Payments

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

During my interview last tax season on the Midday Sunday Fox 11 with host Tony Valdez program, Mr. Valdez posed a scenario that many today may be facing: they have finished preparing their taxes, but don’t have the money to pay them. What should they do? This is a common question and the good news is that taxpayers with tax debt have options! Below the video, I offer some solutions.

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Tax Resolution Services Weekly Tax Relief News Round-Up

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Reminder: 18 days left until Tax Day!
Here’s a review of the tax relief news covered this week. Featured topics include: IRS releases 2013 Dirty Dozen Tax Scam/Scheme List, businessmen guilty of tax evasion and filing false returns, IRS apologies for expensive Star Trek training video and hiring a tax professional versus tax preparation software.
IRS Releases 2013 Dirty Dozen Tax Scam-Scheme List – as well as a video to remind taxpayers
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IRS Releases 2013 Dirty Dozen Tax Scam-Scheme List

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

The IRS just released its Dirty Dozen Tax Scam List for 2013 and introduced a video to remind taxpayers they need to protect themselves from the worst tax scams and schemes out there. While the “usual suspect” scams and schemes have not changed that much from last year, the notification explains how the IRS has stepped up their efforts to handle them, specifically identity theft related tax issues. Below the
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Tax Expert Discusses Tax Professionals and Tax Software

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Some of you may still be deciding whether to hire a tax professional or purchase tax preparation software. In this informative video, (one part of a series that came from my appearance on the Midday Sunday Fox 11 with host Tony Valdez program), I offer the following tax help tips:

When tax preparation software works
Know when it’s time to hire a tax professional
When it’s time to hire a tax resolution specialist

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Tax Resolution Services-The Story of Michael Rozbruch Part II

Monday, March 4th, 2013

This episode of my national network television show, TaxMan gives consumers further insight into my professional history beginning with my education, employment and qualifications. It’s because of these experiences and desire to help people resolve their tax problems that I took on a new business venture in a relatively small industry and named it Tax Resolution Services, Co. (TRS).  (*Below the video are the main details of my story).

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Tax Resolution Services-The Story of Michael Rozbruch

Monday, February 25th, 2013

This episode of the national network television show, TaxMan highlights the story of yours truly, Michael Rozbruch. I thought consumers out there should get to know me a little bit and understand my background. I also wanted to convey my reasons for wanting to resolve people’s tax problems and why I started Tax Resolution Services, Co. fifteen years ago and have never looked back. (Below the video are some main
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Tax Resolution Services Interviewed for KTLA TV Show

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

I was recently interviewed by Alan Mendelson host of “Best Buys with Alan Mendelson” a television show that features the best deals and money saving ideas.
Watch Alan’s special report on Tax Resolution Services, Co. in the video below on how consumers can get help to pay off their income tax debts to the IRS and to the state.
Tune in to KTLA Channel 5 this Saturday February 23rd at 5:30pm PT
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TaxMan Episode Highlights Payroll Tax Resolution Case

Monday, January 21st, 2013

If you are facing IRS tax issues, you may think your seemingly insurmountable IRS problems can never be resolved. But what you don’t realize is that others, often with similar situations and anxieties to yours, have successfully resolved theirs and are sharing their stories.
In a recent episode of the national network television show, TaxMan, I interviewed a former client and business owner, Stuart, who was blindsided by an IRS letter
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Identity Fraud Victim Gets Expert Advice from Tax Team

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

In September, I wrote a blog post about how identity theft issues were adversely affecting the financial lives of everyday people we know. I used the case of Robert “Sully” Sullivan, Big Biz Show radio and TV personality and friend of Tax Resolution Services, who had just discovered he was a victim of IRS identity theft and was inquiring what to do next. Since that last meeting, I met with
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October 15 Tax Extension Deadline Looming

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

The deadline to submit your extended 2011 tax return is October 15!  The IRS created a video to not only remind taxpayers of the deadline but also to suggest they review their tax returns to make sure they take advantage of tax benefits that often get overlooked.

A recent Accounting Today article titled: IRS Warns of Impending Tax Extension Deadline listed the “overlooked” tax credits and deductions that low to moderate
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TaxMan Video Introduces IRS Tax Attorney Team

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Tax Resolution Services employs great professionals who help struggling taxpayers resolve their IRS tax problems. A recent TaxMan video introduces some of the Tax Team members responsible for this success: expert tax attorneys Tiffany, Parham, Anna and Amir. These hard-working professionals all share common goals: a passion for helping people and a desire to work extremely hard to represent their client cases to the IRS.  As the video below demonstrates,
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Thursday, June 28th, 2012

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