Beyonce’s Father Owes $1.2 Million in IRS Back Taxes

It’s pretty clear Beyonce’s former manager and father, Mathew Knowles knows a thing or two about managing a superstar. However, it appears he’s less knowledgeable about what it means to owe back taxes to Uncle Sam. According to a Source article titled: “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems! Mathew Knowles Owes 1.2 Mil In Taxes“, Knowles, who failed to pay his taxes during 2010 and 2011, has now received a huge tax bill from the IRS.

Citing a TMZ article, the Source reports that Knowles failed to pay $485,575.95 in taxes in 2010 and $728,004.89 in 2011. His total IRS tax debt is a whopping $1,213,580.84.

This information is not meant to make light of Mr. Knowles’ serious tax situation. It’s to demonstrate that when it comes to paying taxes, the IRS does not give special treatment to celebrities or the wealthy.

Taxpayers who owe more than $20,000 to the IRS need to know they are not alone in having IRS issues – nearly one in six Americans has a tax problem. The good news is that there are options struggling taxpayers can take today to get the tax relief they need. The first step is to contact a certified tax professional or IRS tax attorney for a free consultation to find out what your options are. These IRS problem solvers will look for solution to potentially reduce what you owe, and lift the tax burden from your shoulders to help resolve your IRS tax issues for good.

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