A-list Celebrities Who Owe IRS Back Taxes Worry About a New List in Hollywood: The IRS-list

Here they go again.  Hollywood stars reminding us they are regular people just like everyone else. Fox News reporter, Natalie Crnosija recently revealed some of Hollywood’s biggest tax evaders in her article Hollywood Stars Who Owe Uncle Sam Big Bucks in Back Taxes.  To name a few: Nicolas Cage—weighing in at $13.3 million, Pam Anderson—Dancing with the Stars despite a $1.7 million tax debt, and Joe Francis, founder of Girls Gone Wild—who bared an amount of $29.4 million.  Just goes to show you that tax problems can happen to anyone.  You’re not alone.

We have a boutique division that specializes in high dollar/profile cases staffed by highly trained and experienced tax attorneys, CPAs and other tax professionals.  Our clients include politicians, sports figures, and celebrities in the entertainment industry.  Having a big tax problem can be potentially embarrassing for anyone—especially your clients—and should be kept private as one begins the journey towards a positive resolution. As we like to say, there is a solution to every problem, especially when it comes to IRS back taxes.

If IRS issues are not handled properly they can stir up negative PR and even ruin careers. Take child star of the 90’s, Christina Ricci; she just got her name back into the paparazzi buzz.  Unfortunately, it was due to IRS back taxes she’s owed since 2008, reports Doug Camilli in his article Ricci Owes IRS Nearly $180,000. Now the IRS is asking her to pay tax penalties of $179,568.30.

Bad things happen to good people—that’s life! We know that tax problems can result from a number of causes.  Read about the Top 7 Tax Resolution Lessons Learned from the Worst Cases of Celebrity Tax Evasion, learn from the mistakes of others, and seek tax help. We’ve seen first hand people who’ve tried to resolve IRS problems themselves or with inexperienced CPAs and attorneys.  Ultimately they land themselves in even deeper trouble than before.

When it comes to complex issues such as offshore bank accounts, investment fraud representation, IRS back taxes, criminal investigations, and referrals to the Department of Justice, Tax Resolution Services has the experience and expertise to swiftly and permanently resolve the cases. We’ve helped clients protect their financial futures oftentimes saving them millions of dollars in the process.

You deserve expert tax representation.  That’s what we provide. If your client is receiving threatening collection notices from the IRS, FTB, BOE, or EDD or is facing an audit please do not hesitate to contact Tax Resolution Services. Our team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and tax resolution specialists resolve troubling tax situations daily. Call 1-866-477-7762 for a free tax resolution consultation or visit www.taxresolution.com

Read about the Top 7 Tax Resolution Lessons Learned from the Worst Cases of Celebrity Tax Evasion

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