A Couple’s Canceled Credit Card Debt is Forgiven and Recognized as Taxable Income

This is the second tax case I’m blogging about today that relates to taxability of canceled debt.

When a lender cannot collect debt and subsequently cancels the debt (which we are seeing alot of in the form of foreclosures in this struggling economy) -  the IRS considers the canceled debt as taxable income.

The IRS offers guidelines for exceptions or exclusions in which canceled debts are not taxable.

Additionally, the IRS may also remove tax liabilities in the case of bankruptcy, but it’s a good idea for taxpayers to hire experienced and specialized tax experts to help them determine whether or not their taxes are eligible for discharge in bankruptcy.

CCH (http://tax.cchgroup.com/) reports:

A married couple was required to recognize cancellation of indebtedness because the husband’s credit card debt was forgiven and he did not show that he qualified for any exceptions. Because the husband defaulted on his payment plan, his bankruptcy case was dismissed, his original debts were restored and the debt was not discharged in bankruptcy. The husband did not show that he was insolvent in the tax year the debt was forgiven, nor did he produce any evidence showing that his liabilities exceeded the fair market value of his assets. Thus, the couple did not qualify for any of the Code Sec. 108 exceptions and cancellation of indebtedness income was recognized.

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