Know How To Select an Ethical and Professional Tax Resolution Firm – With or Without the Help of the Better Business Bureau

I was so fired up after blogging about the BBB’s skewed ratings system and David Lazarus’ Los Angeles Times article titled Better Business Bureau grades companies on a peculiar curve, that I decided to write Mr. Lazarus to let him know about our experiences with the BBB.

I’ve already mentioned the fatal flaw in the BBB ratings equation that does NOT take into account a business’s size relative to the number of complaints it has received. We have a B rating, despite out have a 99% customer satisfaction score because the BBB bases it’s rating on the 20 complaints that are listed on our BBB report in the last three years – amongst thousands of satisfied customers.

Additionally, the BBB says that they only hold the complaint against the business for 36 months.  However, the complaint stays on your report even if you refund the client back 100% of fees paid.  In other words, once a consumer makes a complaint against you, you are penalized and the outcome is irrelevant to the BBB. So, even though the complaint is dropped by the consumer, the “black mark” stays on your report for 3 years!  They could care less if you completely ignored the customer and did nothing or if there was simply a misunderstanding and the company makes everything right with the consumer.  How is this fair??

Under the Los Angeles BBB’s current rating formula we are penalized  each and every time a  new complaint gets registered, regardless of our size and how many taxpayers we serve annually -  even if the consumer decides to withdraw the complaint.  Thier ill-convceived algorithmic formula has ended up working against us – since we are by far the largest (and most credible) tax resolution firm, West of the Mississippi.

If you are looking for a tax resolution company to help you with your IRS problems, know that there are many ways to research and choose an ethical and professional firm in addition to their BBB rating. Here are 7 simple ways to ensure that your IRS tax problems are in good hands.

But like I’ve said before, don’t take my word for it, check out our success rate and testimonials from our satisfied customers!

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