$1.2 Million Owed in Back Taxes by Beyonce’s Dad

When Mathew Knowles managed the career of his superstar singer of a daughter, Beyonce, he made millions.

So many millions, in fact, that Knowles owes the IRS $1.2 million in back taxes, according to celebrity news site TMZ.

The IRS filed a tax lien against Beyonce’s pops for $485,575.95 in 2010 and $728,004.89 in 2011.

Beyonce started her singing career with the group Destiny’s Child. Mathew Knowles managed the group, which became one of the best-selling all-female acts in music history.

In 2002, Knowles founded Music World Gospel, which is now the largest African-American-owned and -operated gospel label in the world. Prior to his work in the music industry, Knowles worked as a salesman with Xerox.

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