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IRS Tax Relief : Frequently Asked Questions

You have received a CP-504 notice from the IRS for back taxes owed. What does this mean?

You owe the IRS back taxes. What if you cannot pay the full amount right now?

How Does "Currently Not Collectible" Status Affect IRS Collection of Back Taxes?

What is an IRS Installment Agreement for Payment of Back Taxes?

What should a business owner do in regards to delinquent payroll deposits or past due employment taxes?

Can the IRS go after me personally if I owe payroll taxes or past due employment taxes?

What kind of back taxes and IRS debt are dischargeable in bankruptcy?

What options does a taxpayer have if back taxes and IRS debt are not dischargeable in bankruptcy?

Are conversations with my accountant or attorney privileged and confidential?

I filed my tax return late and was shocked when I saw my tax bill. How does the IRS compute penalties?

What if my tax return is due, but I don't have the money to pay back taxes to the IRS?

What is worker misclassification, and how does the IRS make this determination in business audits?

Why is it a good thing that someone can settle an IRS tax debt for much less than what is owed? Don't we all pay for this?

What is a federal tax lien?

What are the most common IRS audit red flags?

Does Tax Defense Partners™, ever get complaints?


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